100 Powerful Ways to Destroy an Opponent’s Groin

If you thought 50¬†ways to attack an opponent’s groin would be enough, or even 99 ways, then today you are in for an education. “100 Ways To Attack An Opponent’s Groin”, named for, well, you know, is more than happy to deliver on its titular promise in lightning-quick, brutal fashion.

The two guys from this EnterTheDojoShow channel seem like a couple of goofs for sure, but they also apparently know what they’re doing. Many of these 100-odd strikes look like they could easily do some damage, and Master Ken is presumably skilled in things other than smashing his partner’s balls repetitively. If this were a real battle, his opponent’s groin would surely be decimated by the 10th or 11th kick, at most.

The rest is just (darn good) entertainment.