2,000,000 Cotton Balls In A Trampoline


The Funk Bros. are notorious for their stunts, many of which involve filling a large trampoline with one thing or another and jumping in. This latest one takes ordinary cotton balls, like the kind your mom used to blot her makeup, and ramps them up to some seriously big numbers.

You can watch the video for yourself, obviously, but we’ll tell you what’s in it anyway so we don’t feel lazy. The clip starts off with the Bros heading off to the skate / bike / scooter park where they bust out some stunts before heading to the trampoline. Two million cotton balls isn’t an easy thing to empty into a trampoline, so that takes a while.

The end result is a damn good time, as the fluffy white balls go floating up into the air with every bounce but also suck the jumpers in. We don’t think we’ll try this at home, but it’s damn fun to watch.