A Full Balls Team is the Strongest Team of All

If you don’t understand a word of what is being said in this Pokémon battle recap, you are not alone — there are a number of factors working against audio coherence. For one, “PIMPNITE” has a thick Australian accent and does not attempt to slow it down for his Northern Hemisphere viewers. On top of that, he seemingly has a bit of a cold or sore throat, the bane of all YouTubers. More importantly, a video of this nature practically demands a fluency in the language of the game on display (you need to know that “Koffing” is a character in the game, for instance, and not simply what our host seems to be doing a lot of).

The short version is that someone challenged PIMPNITE to create a team of ball-shaped Pokémon, his so-called Full Balls Team, and compete in battle for our amusement.

The long version, an explanation as to why someone would want to see this, or why anyone else would actually undertake the arduous and silly task, is beyond the reaches of this humble blog and our own Full Balls Team.