A Gay Dude Gives You Ball Play Tips

Ball Play

Ball play is a touchy subject, no pun intended. Those little guys are pretty delicate and sensitive, and every man is different in terms of what they like down there. Some dudes are very receptive, while others don’t like them meddled with at all.

Elite Daily, as part of their “Ask A Gay” series, is trying to help women out in terms of understanding when men want to have their nuts manipulated. A question from a young woman named Jazmin opens us up:

“How can you tell what level of ball play guys are into? Is it obvious or should I have to ask?”

Good question! The columnist isn’t personally into ball play, writing:

“If I’m being quite honest, getting my balls fondled by someone (unless that person is me, lying nonchalantly on the couch) doesn’t usually cross my mind. Any contact with my testicles has me immediately picturing myself curled up on the ground and wincing in pain from an improperly timed dodgeball toss.

But hey, that’s just me.”

Like a good journalist, though, he goes out in search of people who are into it to get all sides of the story. Read the whole piece at Elite Daily.