A Male Brazilian Wax Will Not Get Your Balls Licked By Anyone

The age-old argument of pubic waxing is in vogue (literally) right now, which makes sense, since people have not stopped talking or thinking about our genitals since talking and thinking became things we could do. It is not “new” to want to have a stripped-down, taut, and smooth look below the waist, and it’s not “70s” style to do just the opposite. Pubic hair is as subject to the waxing (pun intended) and waning forces of trendiness like any other fashion-adjacent aesthetic decision.

It is for that reason that we caution you: getting a “male Brazilian wax” will not get your balls licked at any greater frequency than they’re getting licked now. No amount of fussing with your pubic hair can force your balls to be licked. If you are so inclined, you may do to your pubic hair whatever it is that you think or know your significant other would prefer, and that may help. Or if you can lick your own balls, then it’s a bit of a dealer’s choice. But there’s nothing magical about a nice lady in a sanitary mask stretching your sack skin out like a chicken cutlet and ripping sticky paper off it until it bleeds. You can safely assume that much.