Agario Is A Game All About Balls


Looking to waste some time at work on this Thursday afternoon? Need to play a new game about balls? Point your browser to, an addictive new Web game that is taking the world by storm. It couldn’t be simpler: you control a ball with your mouse, and your goal is to gobble up all the smaller balls you see. The only problem is that other players are trying to do the same, and if they get bigger than you they can consume you and end your game.

Here are a few tips for new players: when you start out, you can hide behind the green spiky things – this is a good way to avoid any big blobs chasing you. When you get to a certain size, those spikes will split your blob in two.

You can press Space to split your ball into two, which can help you catch a fleeing foe. Beware, though, as this leaves you vulnerable to attacks from competitors. To re-merge, push yourself into a wall or corner until your two balls once again unite.

Once you’re huge, visit the corners of the screen – that’s the best place to trap prey and absorb them. You’ll be at the top of the leaderboard in no time.

Play Agario now.