Ah, Booger Balls: The Fun Thing To Play With

Forget for a moment, if you will, the inherent absurdity of YouTube channels dedicated to the passive enjoyment of children’s toys. We have discussed that here before, and the phenomenon is no clearer to us now than it was then. In this case, the toy (if you can call “Booger Balls” toys) is not imbued with even the slightest historical significance; as far as we can tell, the only reason it’s in this video is because whoever makes the junk sent it to these parents to play with. So try to ignore that niggling concern.

Also, for our purposes today, you should ignore the creeping dread that we are all eventually going to be buried under a mound of cardboard boxes, and that we couldn’t stop our rampant, criss-crossing, worldwide consumerism if our lives depended on it, which in a certain way, they do.

No, for the next couple of minutes only, please just consider how much fun you might have “making” “booger balls” with a kit of God only knows what chemicals or for what purposes, in the comfort of your own home, as a family activity. Roll the idea around in your mind.

Someone drew up that proprietary booger squirter in CAD, on a computer, asĀ their job. Somebody with a chemistry degree, or at least some classes, figured out the techniques and compounds that could produce reliably realistic boogers for our amusement. Some person navigated a big boat, car, airplane, or all three to make sure these people could go “Ewwwww!” online at a fake booger and have you look at it.

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