An Adidas Soccer Ball Is Going Into Space

An Adidas Soccer Ball Is Going Into Space

Elon Musk is a polarizing figure in this world, but we can’t deny that his SpaceX company is doing more than most in making sure that we don’t lose sight of the stars. The company operates numerous transports out of the atmosphere on their way to offering true commercial space flight.

A recent SpaceX shipment to the International Space Station carried some unusual cargo in its 5,500 pound payload. As part of a promotional deal with Nickelodeon that is funneling cash to STEM programs to train the next generation of space explorers, the company sent some of their trademark green slime into orbit to see how zero gravity treats the goop. Also along for the ride was a soccer ball courtesy of Adidas.

While playing a game of footy aboard the International Space Station is probably a bad idea, the ball isn’t up there for fun. According to the NASA payload description, “Observing and measuring the motion of soccer balls in microgravity improves understanding of the general behavior of free-flying objects. This could contribute to better design and use of free-flying objects such as small robots in spacecraft.”

That’s great news. You never know when your balls are going to help out the future of science. Or your slime.

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