Angry Investor Storms Bank With His Balls Hanging Out

Angry Investor Storms Bank With His Balls Hanging Out

Financial fraud is a big deal all over the world, not just in the United States. After the crash of 2008, our government tried to enact new rules to keep banks and investment firms from over-leveraging themselves and losing everything. However, other countries are still catching up. This latest tale takes us to Ghana, where one very pissed off investor stormed a bank completely nude with his balls hanging out for all to see.

The bank in question is the First Allied Savings and Loans Company in Kumasi, the capitol of the Ashanti region. For over a year, the bank has been having problems paying its debts, with its liquidity taking a serious drop. The unnamed investor caught on video had been apparently trying to withdraw his funds for some time while being stonewalled by management.

The man showed up with a hammer and a silver frying pan, but we still can’t figure out what he was thinking about doing with it. Fully nude, he complained to an unidentified cameraman about his struggles as the dude holds it together while a nude man yells at him about money. As of press time, we’re not sure if the balls-out protest got the investor his funds back.

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