Apparently South Beach Loves Ball Stretchers

South Beach

Sex toys are a big business in this increasingly horny world, and a recent study from one retailer shows that Miami’s South Beach neighborhood is their number one customer – and they’ve got some unusual interests.

The company is called Healthy and Active, and they report sales of over a million dollars in the sex toy market every year. They decided to compile a bunch of their customer data – taking pains to make sure all personally identifying information is removed for privacy – and the results of that work are pretty fascinating.

The Miami Beach zip code of 33139 ordered more products than any other one in the country. And these aren’t your generic frilly panties and subdued vibrators – a compay representative says “While ball stretchers topped the list of the products we shipped most frequently, the boxes going to South Beach are full of bondage gear and toys for anal play.” Yikes!

What are ball stretchers exactly and why is South Beach so crazy about them? They’re a bondage toy that, well, stretches the balls out. A quite curious sensation. Amazingly enough, the company doesn’t have any idea why Florida is such a hot spot for their products, and in similar surveys by other adult retailers they haven’t even made the top 10. It is a mystery that we may never solve.

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