Apparently Vasectomy Cakes Are A Thing

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Apparently Vasectomy Cakes Are A Thing

Getting your tubes snipped as a guy is a tough choice to make, but if you’re in a committed partnership and don’t plan on having any – or any more – kids, having a vasectomy is one of the most effective forms of birth control out there. What was previously a surgery guys would go for without any hullabaloo has become more of a social situation, as many partners have taken to throwing little parties for their men before they go in to shut off the little swimmers. And with a party must come sweet treats, including vasectomy cakes.

There are definitely some common elements in this collection of baked goods. Blue seems to be the prevalent color, which makes sense as it’s culturally connected with masculinity. For decorations, cartoony little sperm seem like a popular option for vasectomy cakes, but some more ambitious decorators are slapping testicles on their frosting like in the example above. We love balls more than just about anybody, but we can’t say we find that all too appetizing. Seeds are also a popular decorative motif.

What do you think? If you got your nuts snipped, would you want a slice of vasectomy cake beforehand?