April Is National Pecan Month

April Is National Pecan Month

We do talk about all kinds of nuts here at the Ball Report, not just the ones dangling in between your legs. And even though April is testicular cancer awareness month, it shares that honor with the humble pecan. Yes, it’s National Pecan Month, so let’s learn a little bit about these delicious and nutritious nuts.

The pecan is the only nut tree that grows naturally in North America, and has been harvested since the 16th century. The name for the nut comes from the Algonquin tribe, which lived on the banks of the St. Lawrence river. They were easy to shell, making them a staple for natives and colonial people alike. What they didn’t know is that the nuts are also rich in antioxidants and nutrients. According to scientists, they are the most heart healthy nuts you can eat.

If you don’t know what to do with them, one popular option is the traditional pecan pie, a sweet treat that gets made around Thanksgiving. For a less special occasion, they’re great chopped up in oatmeal with bananas and dark chocolate, or add a handful to your salad. Whatever you do with them, there’s no denying that the pecan is a tremendous nut very worth of having its own month.

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