Are Free Weights Crushing Your Mushroom Tip?

Maybe so, if you look like these guys.

You probably don’t look like those guys, though, because those guys are Kevin and Keith Hodge. The Hodgetwins, as they have coined themselves, could very well be pro wrestlers based on their enormous upper bodies and (aggressive) personalities. However, they mostly seem to be supplement hawkers and email answerers.

In this video, a fan writes in to ask the twins, Kevin and Keith, about the technique of a certain exercise known as a “shrug”. Evidently, the placement of the bar during the exercise is causing discomfort in the viewer’s penis. Or “mushroom tip”, as it is referred to throughout the video. Now, The Ball Report will not be making a habit of doling out health and nutrition advice, but here’s a freebie:

Stop doing an exercise if it hurts your mushroom tip.

Thank you.