Are You Ready For A Bowling Ball Slingshot?


You’re not ready. But here it is anyways. YouTube maniac Joerg Sprave is notorious for his videos that involve Rube Goldberg-esque contraptions that cause a great deal of chaos, but his latest experiment might be his most epic. Dude has been threatening to build a slingshot powerful enough to lob bowling balls for a while, and when he hit the coveted 1 million subscriber mark he finally did it.

This isn’t your ordinary backyard slingshot – it’s a precision machine that musters up a massive amount of tension to keep its projectiles on a straight course. Anything that gets in the way of one of these flying bowling balls isn’t likely to have much longer walking the Earth.

As with many of Sprave’s videos, we see a few misfires before the slingshot gets up and running. He has to replace a few weak links in the system, but before too long he’s blasting bowling balls at cinderblocks and reducing them to power in a glorious display of destruction that will make your whole week. To mix things up, he also flings bowling balls at stone blocks to destroy the balls, too. Finally, the slingshot gets to lob some watermelons, pumpkins and heads of cabbage. Enjoy.