The Aluminum Foil Guy Attempts To Blow Up Cast Iron Balls


You have to have a certain level of respect for people whose bizarre antics and obsessions seem overwhelmingly likely to double as their cause of death. Take the Crazy Russian Hacker channel, for instance, who last showed up here for setting a bunch of aluminum foil and ping pong balls on fire in the woods.

This guy seems dedicated to the idea that his death should be as avoidable, unnecessary, and spectacular as possible—and recorded for posterity to boot. What other explanation is there for his constant proximity to fire and explosions? Or his apparently enormous cache of aluminum foil? He doesn’t seem like a big leftovers guy.

So here he is, once again with foil, playing around in the garage with some cast iron balls. You know, cast iron balls? Those things we all have just sitting around in the work shop? Right. What happens when he smashes them together? Well, you can probably figure it out without trying the experiment for yourself. Then again, you’d think the Crazy Russian Hacker could, too, so maybe run by the foil store on the way home if you’re curious about what a house fire would look like up close.