Attention Rappers: Earth Continues To Be A Giant Ball

We knew that the theories about a flat Earth were still floating around, but hearing actual tracks from famous musicians disputing the centuries-old fact that our planet is a giant ball? That was difficult even for us to imagine. Right up until it happened.

The short version is this: Rapper B.O.B (of “Airplanes” fame, which raises further questions about what he thinks those airplanes are doing to us), in what he claims is an expression of his legitimate beliefs and not a PR stunt, took to Twitter this week to debunk the idea that Earth is a giant ball. Rather, the lyricist, strain enthusiast, and amateur physicist claims we’re drifting through space on a flat disc of a planet. Also, something about clones.

Unfortunately for B.O.B and southern rap in general, the Earth is indeed a spheroid, and all the rhymes in the world can’t protect him from that fact.

Unfortunately for us, they also couldn’t protect us from Neil Tyson’s nephew’s rebuttal.