Author Pens Memoir About Life Without Testicles

Author Pens Memoir About Life Without Testicles

Author Laurence Dillon has released a compelling – if a little weird – memoir about his life for the last 25 years with no testicle. The former radiologist was diagnosed with testicular cancer in his twenties and had to have both of his balls removed, and he certainly didn’t get the mental health support he needed if the book is anything to go by.

In his memoir Unsung Love Song, Dillon vents his deserved rage at losing his generative organs in such a callous and unnecessary way.

“I am deformed by loneliness, twisted by shame, tormented by sweet dreams of what might have been and bitter regrets for what came to be,” he writes. Here at the Ball Report, we try very hard to talk about the positive stories of testicular cancer survivors, but it has to be acknowledged that not everybody recovers the same way. Unfortunately for Dillon, the treatment seems to have disconnected him from the potential of love and romance.

For the last two decades, he’s found himself unable to connect with the opposite sex, driving him into a deep depression. Hopefully the publication of the book will allow him to exorcise some of his personal demons and take the necessary steps to be loved again. No matter what you’re like down below, everybody on Earth deserves that.

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