Automatic Ball Launcher Confounds and Insults Local Dog

This kid seems to do a variety of mildly entertaining things with his dog on a weekly basis. His reward, naturally, is over a million subscribers and (presumably) reams of free product shipped to his doorstep in the hopes that he will provide some company a boatload of cheap publicity. This arrangement is, at best, wildly stupid, and the fact that we are complicit in it by virtue of our coverage is a moral quagmire to say the least!

That’s especially true when it comes to this video, which appears to be a review of an automatic ball launcher for use with one’s dog. To be frank, the premise of the product was so aggravating to us that we merely skipped around the video on mute, and advise you to do the same. As it happens, we also advise you to adopt a homeless pet, donate to your local shelter, and, for the love of God, forget buying a ball launcher. Throw the damn ball yourself. And give your dog a treat.