Can Bacteria Really Help You Grow Bigger Testicles?


Size doesn’t matter, but that doesn’t stop men from being obsessed with having bigger testicles. You know how we feel here at the Ball Report – as long as your boys are healthy and happy, it doesn’t really make a difference what they look like. But for the more vain among us, there’s this video which describes a few recent studies on bacteria in the digestive tract and their beneficial effects on the body.

It’s fairly common knowledge that the cells that make up our actual being are vastly outnumbered by the vast plethora of bacteria that occupy our stomach, breed on our skin, stink up our mouth, et cetera. While many of those bacteria are annoying, several of them provide important support for a number of biological functions. Recent research indicates that a few lactobacillus can actually have extremely important health effects.

This video starts off with the standard pitch for bacterial supplements – more energy, et cetera – before taking a truly unusual detour. Apparently a recent experiment indicated that consuming Lactobacillus reuteri is very good for the size of your balls and the power of your sperm.

Here’s the study in question. It’s not 100% conclusive, but the scientists did measure increased serum testosterone levels and bigger testicles in the mice.