The Ball Family Went Nuts On WWE Raw

Ball Family WWE Raw

So we’ve refrained from covering the antics of LaVar, Lonzo and the rest of the Ball family here on the Ball Report because – and let’s be frank here – if we started reporting on them, we wouldn’t have time to talk about anything else. Sure, Lonzo Ball is a very talented basketball player and we’re looking forward to seeing how he performs on the Lakers, but enough is enough.

WWE is preparing for their next Pay-Per-View, which is called Great Balls Of Fire. Braun Strowman is set to face Roman Reigns in an Ambulance Match, Brock Lesnar will defend his title against Samoa Joe – it should be a pretty solid show. But the company realizes that it’s definitely being viewed as a second-tier PPV, so they feel the need to reach out into the greater world of popular culture to promote it.

Enter LaVar Ball. The father of Lonzo has become pretty notorious – and not particularly popular – for his self-promotion and general annoyance. So he grabbed the opportunity to appear on Raw with the rest of the Ball Family, and things went wildly off the rails. You can watch the video below for highlights.

Some stuff that’s missing includes LaVar’s 15 year old son LaMelo using the N word into a live microphone several times and the live crowd turning so hard on LaVar – who was supposed to be the good guy in this interaction – that backstage reports had WWE staff freaking out in panic.