Ball Theory Debunked At Last, NASA In Disarray

If you still haven’t heard the truth about “Ball Theory”, it’s not too late. Just two hours of your time (1/12th of the day, according to scientists, who are not to be trusted) and you’ll have all the answers. Answers to questions like:

  • Isn’t the way that kites fly proof that the earth is stationary? (Yes)
  • How are birds strong enough to fly, while buildings are pinned to the surface? (Gravity’s fake)
  • The sun and moon are the same size, right? (Obviously)

Obviously, Eric Dubay and many other Flat Earthers have cognitive issues that extend beyond their acceptance of scientific dogma, and it isn’t funny to laugh at what could very well be a mental illness. “Ball Theory”, their denigrating euphemism for the uncontroversial roundness of our planet and others, is plainly wrong and, in aggregate, rather disturbing. But on the other hand, it is funny to see a stick figure guy standing on top of the earth pointing out to a bunch of MS Paint stars, so let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.