Balling In These Streets Is Harder Than It Looks

Here’s the official music video (NSFW) for “Ball In These Streets”, as shot by BLaCKHOLLYWOODJ, and performed by a cavalcade of rappers that you will, in all likelihood, never hear from again. It is utterly skippable for all but the most determined, down and dirty rap connoisseurs, people who don’t mind when artists forget to lip sync and don’t notice when the beat drops out at random intervals. Balling, it would seem, is a lot harder than Drake, Fetty Wap, and the rest make it look. To wit, when Ace-Gottcha raps about balling, it’s not crystal clear that he knows what he’s talking about, or more importantly, that if he did, if it would be of any interest to listeners. But, there is dancing…Oh! There is dancing.

Watch the video on mute, maybe.