Why Do We Associate Balls With Bravery?


There are a lot of interesting people on YouTube with some intense ideas, but we’ve never seen anyone quite like John Sakars. He dubs himself “The Lusty Vegan” and uploads bizarre songs about how not eating meat will make you a better lover. In this clip, filmed from the comfort of his bathtub, Sakars tackles the unusual topic of bravery and balls.

It’s a fair question: why do we associate the male gonads with the ability to succeed under pressure and get things done? Testicle size has no real impact on your braveness, but instead of exploring the roots of the myth, Sakar instead decides to do a song about it.

Here are some sample lyrics:

“A pair of sweaty testicles may be savoury,
but testicles have nothing to do with bravery.
If you don’t have a big set of balls, don’t let that discourage.
Testicles have nothing at all to do with courage.
Some very courageous people have testicles that are small.
Some of the bravest people have no testicles at all.”

Savoury isn’t exactly the adjective I’d use to describe my balls, but we have to give this weirdo props for trying to smash some myths about bravery and testicle size. Oh, and of course, he throws in some vegan and animal rights stuff at the end.