Balls of Fire Reigning Down On Earth…From Space??

It’s early, and this is kind of a rambling video, so let’s break it down rapid fire style

What’s this guy’s deal?

  • It isn’t totally clear, although he does mention the Bible more than he says “balls of fire”, even. He is probably a Bible guy.

Does he know what he’s talking about?

  • I don’t think so, and to be clear, it isn’t because he’s got scripture floating around his office and¬†whatnot. It’s because he confuses meteorites and meteors, mentions the Illuminati and says it’s hard to trust NASA.

Is he worth watching?

  • Without a doubt.¬†The guy belongs on the radio. Ideally, somewhere he could grumble about balls of fire and “galactical planes”, whatever the hell that’s supposed to be.