Balls Out Physics: NASA IS Full Of Lying Liars

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This latest episode in the Balls Out Physics series of YouTube videos is so refreshing to watch, even if it is a little long and dry. Not because it’s promoting high-level science on a platform typically used for pointless nonsense or lowbrow titillation when it’s not serving up ads or music videos designed to not look like ads; no, this video is interesting because it’s crazy without ever coming off that way. If you’re not paying attention, you might even agree with what this guy is saying without realizing what the consequences of that would be.

It’s pretty impressive, actually.

Have you ever started a casual chat with someone and gotten way too deep before you figured out you were being pitched some doofy ideas or complicated scam? There’s really no great way to get out of it when it’s happening in real life. Luckily, if you’re online, you can just click the ‘x’ and be done with it. But in this case, you might not want to. Unlike the Flat Earthers who use technology well shy of optical illusions to make their point, this amateur physicist at least understands the language he’s using to communicate his ideas.

The ideas are still wrong, though. NASA and an MIT professor and all the movie studios are not hooking up to deceive people as the science of how we can move around in space. Surely they have better things to lie about. This is something a 100 year old person would say. Let’s move on from this.