Ballslapping Kidd Told to Hit the Showers

No, this is not another precocious tot trying his darnedest, and failing miserably, to make sense of the world around him. It doesn’t happen to be a young lady smashing a dinger off the baseball tee and right into her pop’s neither regions (although if you have any videos of that, please send them in!) In fact, it’s not a “kid” altogether — it’s a “Kidd” — and this 21 year NBA veteran ought to know better than to bring those ballslapping tactics onto the court.

Of course, Kidd’s Milwaukee Bucks team is young and promising, if not especially good yet, and the coach was simply using ballslapping as a technique to get his team re-energized for this game and beyond. The Bucks lost that game against the Kings, and Kidd lost the privilege of coaching in another one as a result of his antics. At least it wasn’t soda, Jason!