This Bear With A Cheese Balls Jar On Its Head Is A True Hero


Bears are notorious scavengers, and they’ll go to the extreme in order to get delicious human snacks. One young grizzly in Colorado became briefly famous when his love for cheese balls got him in a sticky predicament.

Nicknamed “Jug Head Bear,” the cheese ball loving ursine has been spotted multiple times around Colorado over the last few days. He’s recognizable because of the clear plastic jar that surrounds his face, which comes from an economy-sized container of cheese balls. Apparently the animal got into the salty, bright-orange snacks and couldn’t extricate himself, and he’s been haunting the countryside like a super bizarre spirit.

Finally, one man could take no more. Jim Hawkins set out to track down Jug Head Bear and help him change his life for the better. After spotting the animal, Hawkins managed to lasso it with a rope and drive it up a tree. While it was hiding out up there huffing cheese ball fumes, he called the authorities, who tranquilized the bear and cut the jar off. Nobody was injured in the operation.

The Week has the whole story, but we’d like a little follow-up as to what Jug Head Bear plans to do with its new-found freedom.