Ben Hughes To Have Testicle Removed

Ben Hughes To Have Testicle Removed

A little while ago, we shared a clip of British reality tv star Chris Hughes, famous for Love Island, getting his testicles checked on live television to raise awareness of the importance of frequent self-examination. Now we’re learning that his crusade is hitting close to home, as his brother Ben Hughes has been diagnosed with testicular cancer and is preparing to have one of his balls removed.

Chris and Ben Hughes appeared on This Morning on January 16th to talk about Ben’s condition. He seemed pretty chill about the whole deal, informing the hosts that he’s waiting for more information on if the cancer has spread beyond his testicle.

“I’ve just got a nut-sized ball on my testicle. Quite large. I had a CT scan and I haven’t picked the results as of yet, and I will then find out if the cancer has spread into any other parts of my body. Fingers crossed it hasn’t spread. I’m booked in for my operation next Wednesday to remove the testicle, so I’m just wanting these CT scans to come back good and I can get this out.”

Best wishes to Ben on his course of treatment and big ups to Chris for making sure men are aware of how important self-checking can be.

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