Check Out This Horrifying Story Of Ben Wa Balls Gone Wrong


When a video opens up with the caption “A Tale From My Vagina,” you know you’re in for a treat. Ben Wa balls are small marble-sized orbs with a weight inside them that have been making their way into ladies’ coochies for some time. Their origins are supposedly Chinese, but it’s one of those things that nobody really knows.

In modern times, women use them for kegel tightening – to hold the Ben Wa balls in, you need to tense your vaginal muscles. That’s the exercise component, and proponents hold that doing it on a regular basis can make sex a lot better.

That brings us to this video from YouTube user Shan Boody, which might shock you. In this follow-up to a previous clip called “How To Buy Sexy,” she talks about her experience with Ben Wa balls. She bought a pair and decided to pop them into her lady parts and then go for a jog.

Can you guess what happens? Take a second to think about the effects of gravity on a string of metal balls, and what happens when you’re not consciously holding them in. Here’s a spoiler: this lady’s got some serious muscle up there, and she couldn’t get them out. Watch the video, it’s pretty damn funny but maybe not safe for work, audio-wise.