Big Veins In Your Scrotum Could Mean Other Health Problems

Scrotum Veins

Here at the Ball Report, our mission is to make men check their down-low at least once a month to look for signs of testicular cancer. But a recent study indicates that your balls might be a signifier of some other potential medical issues. And it’s all in the veins.

The condition is called varicoceles, and it’s characterized by the veins in your scrotum increasing in size. A study from Stamford University published in the journal Andrology seems to say that having them can be an indicator that other, more serious diseases could be in your future. Patients with varicoceles were observed to have significantly higher possibilities of diabetes and heart disease, as well as increased fat in the blood.

Like many things when it comes to men’s health, it all comes down to testosterone. That vital hormone is decreased in men with varicoceles, and the side effects are myriad. And this isn’t a rare condition – it’s estimated that ten to fifteen percent of adult males will suffer swollen veins in their scrotum in their lifetime.

The study recruited 4,400 men of reproductive age diagnosed with varicoceles between 2001 and 2009 and screened them for a number of issues. The results were pretty clear and undeniable.

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