Black Eyed Peas Member Opens Up About Testicular Cancer

Black Eyed Peas Taboo

One thing that we know about testicular cancer is that it’s hard for people to talk about. Discussing your private parts is difficult on the best of days, and when you throw illness into it it compounds the discomfort. That’s why we have to give props to singer Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas for coming forward and sharing his struggle with the disease with the world.

In an interview with Extra, Taboo revealed that in 2014 he received a testicular cancer diagnosis from his doctor and immediately went on a 12-week treatment program of chemotherapy. Interestingly enough, he didn’t discover his cancer through self-examination, but rather was getting treatment for lower back pain caused by an old tailbone injury. During a normal checkup, the physician noticed an unusual growth inside the singer’s scrotum and investigated further.

The cancer had progressed far enough that his right testicle needed to be removed, which was quite a blow to the performer. But he didn’t let testicular cancer end his dreams, and his cohorts in the Black Eyed Peas were with him every step of the way, supporting his recovery. He also wrote a song called “The Fight” while undergoing chemotherapy to inspire other people struggling.

Kudos, Taboo. Thanks for adding your voice to the choir of men demanding that you check your balls once a month at least.