Book A Ticket To The Clinton Testicle Festival

Clinton Testicle Festival

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with the Democratic nominee for President. The Clinton Testicle Festival takes place in the town of Clinton, Montana every year, drawing a raucous crowd for live music, freely-flowing beer and, of course, balls. The Missoula County location goes wild every August, and now’s your chance to join in on the fun this August 3rd-6th.

One of the most notorious elements of the Testy Fest is the sheer amount of public nudity on display – both men and women are encouraged to show off as much skin as they want in defiance of the Montana mosquitoes. This isn’t a shindig for small children, obviously. Although there are certainly some verified hotties in attendance, you’re also likely to see more wrinkled biker hide than you ever wanted to see.

The Seattle P.I. has more on the event, including this rundown of the various events:

Best Tattoo: The contest determines who has the best tattoos at TestyFest. The winner is determined by a crowd vote.

Wet T-Shirt: The contest judges who looks the best in a wet T-shirt and is held once on Friday and Saturday.

Big Balls: According to the website, men drop their pants to have their testicles inspected and judged by female judges.

Ball Eating: Contestants have four minutes to eat as many bull balls as possible.

Undie 500: Men and women will strip down to their underwear to complete a tricycle race.

Miss TestyFest: Women “can win on personality & looks – without removing (their) clothes” in the Miss TestyFest contest.

Find out more about the Clinton Testicle Festival at their official website.