Can Bouncy Balls Protect An iPhone From A 100ft Drop?

No. Not really.

To be clear, while the phone does get fairly jacked up, it seems to meet the basic requirements of functionality, and manages to not be totally destroyed by the enormous drop onto concrete. In addition, the phone takes an unfortunate trajectory and lands off-center onto a raised edging around the outside of the parking lot, so it hits the pavement awkwardly. Also, this is a super dumb idea! But it does ok.

Nevertheless, assume for a moment that this video is goofiness and wastefulness made manifest, and that it hadn’t been watched by 2 million people since it was posted last week. Assume the cheap Chinese bouncy balls hastily glued onto the outside of a precision engineered sheet of glass managed to stay stuck onto it and disperse some of the kinetic energy built up by the long drop.

What would we then expect to happen? Would we expect the balls to be removed in a perfectly clean and even fashion? Surely we’ve all used super glue before. No, the bouncy balls couldn’t protect this iPhone. Nothing could! Not even our most sincere prayers.

This phone was always doomed. RIP.