British TV Just Showed A Gigantic Testicle


Afternoon television is sort of a wasteland of programming, mostly targeted at retirees and other people who aren’t working. But British TV pushed the envelope of taste on an episode of Jeremy Kyle’s new show by filling screens with a bloated, gargantuan testicle.

Kyle is sort of the Jerry Springer of British TV, a chat show host who prides himself on bringing out the worst in people. Since 2015, he’s been hosting Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room on ITV. The show focuses on people with unusual or intense medical conditions. That’s not unusual on its own – plenty of programs have made money on the myriad foibles of the human body. But during the show’s second season, Kyle decided to go a little over the top.

Interviewing a man named Dennis with a huge, swollen ballsack, Kyle was able to empathize with him. In 2013, the host himself battled testicular cancer. Dennis had been living with pain and discomfort for over two years, which shocked Kyle. After a medical professional examined his balls on TV, he thankfully received a cancer-free diagnosis. His ball was full of fluid, which needed to be drained. Not fun, but certainly better than cancer.

Twitter quite naturally erupted in shock, with several people talking about the unexpected and uncensored gonad.

We don’t think there’s anything shameful about showing your balls on TV, but Dennis – next time, go to the doctor right away if you feel anything weird down there. It’s important.

Kudos to Trill Mag for the tip.