Can This Ceramic Bath Ball Really Heat Your Tub?

Ceramic Bath Ball

There are few feelings worse in this world than a hot bath becoming lukewarm and clammy. Sure, you can just run more hot water, but then you have to drain some and fiddle with the plug and it’s not the kind of hassle you need when you’re trying to take a relaxing tubby.

Now there’s a Japanese product that promises to solve that problem. It’s made from heat-radiating ceramic and, when dropped in the tub, uses far infrared waves to keep the temperature consistent. A suction cup on one end of the cord keeps it anchored in place so it doesn’t float around.

The site describes the product as follows:

Far infrared (FIR) generator ceramic balls inside non-woven fabric
Ideal for use in bath or foot baths
Keep balls in non-woven fabric (included)
Multiple cases can be used at once (can be tied together)
Materials: nylon, TPE, polypropylene
Instructions: Japanese (but easy to understand)

Pick one up at Japan Trend Shop.