Can You Eat 20 Pizza Balls In 20 Minutes?


So what are pizza balls exactly? Take a garlic knot – that’s a wad of pizza dough that’s dredged in olive oil and garlic and then baked in the pizza oven until it’s puffy and delicious. Then, with that garlic knot and stuff it with mozzarella cheese until you’ve got an enclosed orb a little smaller than a tennis ball. Finally, if you’re YouTuber Nathan Figueroa, take a local restaurant’s challenge to down 20 of them in 20 minutes in exchange for a free T-shirt and a glass cup. Figueroa manages to handle the whole ordeal in 9:18, and thankfully the challenge is shot in timelapse so you don’t have to spend that entire span watching him eat, but it’s still disturbing. So what do you think? Can your gut handle this many pizza balls, or would you tap out halfway through?