Can You Hypnotize Yourself Into Having A Smooth Scrotum?


YouTube is fertile ground for hypnotists and other people who promise that they can talk their way into your brain. Plenty of guys claim that they can hypnotize you into quitting smoking, being more motivated at work or increasing your attractiveness to the opposite sex. But this is the first time we’ve ever heard of a subliminal video that can make the skin on your ballsack smoother.

The clip, enticingly titled “Get A Super Smooth Non Wrinkling Scrotum (Testicle Skin) Fast!” promises to use subliminal frequencies to hypnotize the skin on your scrotum into getting tighter and firmer. Whether this actually works is doubtful at best – there’s certainly no scientific basis for soundwaves and trippy visuals having any kind of effect on skin elasticity – but there’s also a lot of things in this universe that science can’t explain.

This also begs the question as to why you’d want smooth balls in the first place. Deep nutsack wrinkles are a sign of masculine power. But who knows, maybe you’re looking for a younger vibe down there. Why don’t you give it a watch and let us know if you see any results?