Can The “Ring Of Power” Help You Grow Bigger Balls?

You know our perspective on the size of your nuts: as long as their healthy, they’re big enough. But that doesn’t stop some guys from being obsessed with getting bigger balls. There are plenty of gadgets and techniques advertised to make those nuts heavier. Or not heavier, per se – just to make your scrotum hang lower.

YouTube channel Elite Manliness is the latest to hop on the trend, selling a device called a “Ring of Power” that promises to somehow stretch out your nutsack. The dude starts off with a disclaimer that it’s not good to have your balls hang lower than your penis because it makes your penis look smaller, which is we guess true but not anything we’ve ever worried about in our lives.

So the deal here is relatively sensible – if you stretch out any kind of skin, including the scrotum, it does eventually lose elasticity and get looser. There’s no denying that. But this dude goes on to talk about how he not only has bigger balls – or at least bigger-looking balls – but also a higher testosterone count and a more active libido. We have to call BS on that. Stretching your sack doesn’t do anything for T production or make you randier. All it does is let your balls hang a little lower. If that’s for you, go for it.