Can Running In The Wrong Underwear Hurt Your Balls?

Can Running In The Wrong Underwear Hurt Your Balls?

Any exercise regimen can be damaging to the body if you don’t pace yourself and listen to the advice of a doctor. But one question has plagued men since the dawn of time: why do my balls hurt sometimes when I’m running? New research indicates that it might just be your underwear that’s the culprit.

When you run, you’re transferring a fair amount of impact force up from each footstep, Most of that force gets distributed through the bones and joints of the leg, but some of it hits the groin and midsection. That can get your testes bouncing, and too much of that definitely doesn’t feel great.

In this case, we should look to the fairer sex for advice. When women go running, they typically wear a sports bra to keep their breasts from bouncing – which can be plenty painful. So the undergarments that men don when they hit the track or trail should do the same thing. Instead of jogging in loose-fitting boxers, go with well-fitting briefs. And if you’re worried about sweat buildup, choose a material that wicks moisture out.

Ball jostling can cause testicular pain, bruising and worse, especially if you’re one of the one in seven men who suffer from varicoceles. Keep those boys tight and enjoy your run.

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