Can Sex Help You Detect Testicular Cancer?


Things just got a lot more interesting. We’ve long held that the absolute best way to detect cancer in its early stages is through self-examination. The more aware you are of what your body is supposed to feel like, the better you’ll be at noticing when something’s amiss. Doctors generally recommend you get a testicular exam yearly, as well as self-examine once a month. But what if you could bring a partner in on it?

The Cancer Sutra is a new project designed to make early detection a lot more fun. The colorfully-illustrated web site depicts the sexual positions that are best for discovering different kinds of cancer – not just testicular, but breast, prostate and even skin. The illustrations are safe for work, the instructions are clear and easy to put into practice, and the advice could save your life.

So what are you waiting for? This is a great way to spice up your bedroom sessions and improve your health at the same time. Click on over and pick out some positions today.