Canadian Experiment Sends 1,500 Balls Flying

Canadian Experiment

We’re always into reporting on ball science here at the Ball Report, so let’s look north of the border to the Canadian town of Edmonton and the Telus World of Science. This popular hands-on museum and discovery center has been serving the community since 1984, and they’ve recently started moving into some pretty exciting public demonstrations. Most recently, that means using the power of liquid nitrogen to rocket 1,500 brightly colored balls all over their property.

November 10th was International Science Center and Science Museum Day run by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Council of Museums. Science facilities all over the world took part in the festivities in their own way. At the Telus World of Science, they built their programming around the environment. Visitors took cloud photos for NASA to compare with shots from space, and the Royal Astronomical Society gave a presentation.

The ball explosion was the punctuation on a great day. With a chunk of liquid nitrogen cooled to minus 196 Celsius placed in a bucket under the bin of balls, it didn’t take long for the nitro to heat up and rapidly expand into a gas, forcing the mass of balls up like a huge volcano. Pretty cool stuff. Read more at the Edmonton Examiner.