Cancer Survivor Takes Huge Canoe Challenge

Canoe Testicular Cancer

Surviving testicular cancer often inspires people to do some amazing things with their lives, and this sporting goods store manager in England is no exception. David Sing, the manager of Sports Direct in the Altrincham Retail Park, is joining a team of other cancer survivors in an epic canoe journey from Chester to Liverpool’s Albert Dock, a trip of over 150 miles.

The Great Canoe Challenge starts on September 25th and features five teams of rowers, all cancer survivors, paddling through the Thames to raise awareness for the disease. They’re also trying to encourage more funding into research for cures.

David Sing’s testicular cancer story began in 2012 when doctors at Fazakerley Hospital noticed a pebble-shaped anomaly in his scrotum during a scan. They determined that it was a pair of malignant tumors and immediately decided to operate and remove them. Nine weeks of chemotherapy followed, but Sing has been cancer free for five years and hopes to stay that way.

His battle with the disease inspired him to help fight it, and he’s already raised £10,000 for Stand Up To Cancer with an annual football game and charity auction. Props to him for looking for ways to help other people after what he went through, and best of luck on the paddle.

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