Candy Company Opens Huge Office Ball Pit

Candy Company Ball Pit

We’ve all read about the office perks and amenities that today’s high-tech firms install to keep workers happy, but a candy company in England might have just raised the bar. Swizzels, a confectionery company that’s been doing business since 1938, just added an enormous ball pit to their Derbyshire offices.

Situated in the cafeteria to mark National Stress Awareness Month, the ball pit boasts over 25,000 hollow plastic balls in white, yellow and pink – the color of Swizzels’ candy. Up to 15 employees at a time are urged to visit the ball pit during their breaks to jump around, swim or just chill out.

Swizzels is one of Britain’s iconic candymakers, and one of the few that still produces their products domestically. Their most famous treats are Refreshers (chewy candies filled with sherbet) and Parma Violets.

The Mirror has the scoop. Office perks like ball pits and ping-pong tables are thought to be good for productivity – by giving employees a dedicated place to just relax and have fun, it gives their brain a chance to rest and recharge.

We’ve never worked in an office that boasted a ball pit, and there’s something a little too cozy about rolling around with your co-workers like you’re at Chuck E. Cheese. What do you think? Would you like it if your boss put in a ball pit, or would you rather get a raise instead?