Cannabis Disscussion: Testicular Gesticulation Review

This is, evidently, what stoners do all day.

The 5th episode of Cannabis Discussion (Feel free to watch even if you haven’t seen the first four yet—trust me, you’ll be fine), entitled “Testicular Gesticulation” might have benefitted from a little time in the edit bay. There’s just over an hour of footage here, and minutes at a time are eaten up by the host (not introduced) adjusting his camera from a floor-like point of view, the critique and playback of a totally different YouTube video on fullscreen, and a lot of “Uhhhhhh”. Maybe if you watch the entire thing, you’ll pick up on what Testicular Gesticulation means or what it has to do with watering weed plants. Or maybe you’ll take a huge bong rip and stare at your webcam for a while! Who knows?