CGI Balls Just Wanna Grow Up, or So We’re Told

Making an educational, animated series for kids is a simple enough premise, right? Sure, Sesame Street is behind a paywall now, but it’s been kicking around for more than 40 years with main characters like Bird Monster and Trash Can Creature. Not to throw shade the Hensons’ way, but their success shows that it shouldn’t be super difficult to come up with something that will keep a kid’s attention. A toddler has a fairly low bar for entertainment.

It’s a bar, unfortunately, that “Dorbees” fails to clear, miserably. This is total nonsense.

Whatever the reality is of the oft-discussed relationship between Bert and Ernie, these Dorbees don’t come close to replicating the magic. And unlike the famous Muppets, who are clearly not human but still manage to be relatable, the bizarre groping movements and empty stares of these CGI Balls has us constantly wondering about their origins and intentions. Would you trust these things alone with your kids? They don’t even have a Wikipedia page.