Check Out This Terrifying Investigation Into Unlicensed Castration

Check Out This Terrifying Investigation Into Unlicensed Castration

We’ve written on here a time or two about people who want to get rid of their male genitalia. There’s a process in most civilized countries for doing so, starting with getting a diagnosis and then proceeding through therapy, hormone treatment and finally surgery, but some people don’t go that route. And that’s where the black market in unlicensed castration comes in.

The Daily Beast put together an incredible feature article on this black market, populated by amateur surgeons and other folks willing to butcher somebody’s ballsack for fun and profit. These people are known as “cutters,” and they congregate on specialized discussion groups and private sites with names like Eunuch Maker to link up with potential subjects. These subjects all have their own reasons for pursuing castration, from gender dysphoria to masochism and more.

Members of this community estimate that their are at least a few cutters in each state, motivated by their own peculiar interests in castration. Their stories rarely make the news – only when an operation is badly botched are they exposed, and sometimes not even then as their victims make up cover stories. It’s a truly fascinating and unsettling journey, and we recommend you check out the article.

Read more at the Daily Beast.