Check Out This Video Of Soccer Balls Exploding


When you go into professional athletics, you transform your body to a degree that most normal humans never attempt. To really succeed in sports, a player needs to train outside of the box of regular ability, working muscles and reflexes that you’ll never use in ordinary life. And sometimes you can push those muscles too far with unintended effects. This is all a pretty roundabout way of introducing a video of soccer balls exploding from being kicked too hard, but stick with us here.

How exactly is this happening, science-wise? It’s not that complicated. Soccer balls (and pretty much any other sportsballs that are inflatable) operate on a principle of surface tension – an internal bladder is filled with air to push the external material out to spherical form and give it enough resistance to be kicked, dribbled, et cetera. Where the exploding comes in is when a physical impact is sufficient to rupture that bladder. The explosion of outrushing gas blows apart the external shell, and we have kabooms.

The host of this video is pretty obnoxious, but we can’t fault his enthusiasm for the game. Which one of these soccer ball blow-ups was your favorite, and do you think you have the punting strength to make this happen?