This Chinese Eyeball Cleaning Is So Gross


We’ve seen some pretty disturbing things in our life, but this video of an eyeball cleaning technique still practiced in some parts of China might be the absolute creepiest. The method has been utilized by barbers in the Sichuan province for years, and it’s often performed for as little as eighty cents.

They call it “knife-blade eye cleaning,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. The barber takes a sharp piece of metal and works it around your actual eyeball, allegedly scraping away buildup that can interfere with your vision. This seems like an absolute recipe for disaster, but old-timers swear by it.

Even more disturbing, the blade that barber Liu Deyuan uses for this eyeball cleaning is the same one he uses for shaves and haircuts, and he doesn’t disinfect it between customers – just letting it soak in a bowl of grain alcohol overnight. We realize if you’re letting an elderly Chinese dude wiggle a razor around under your eyelid, you’re probably not worried about infection, but it’s still pretty gross.

Thanks to Oddity Central for the tip.