This Collie Has Retrieved 51,000 Golf Balls

Collie Golf Balls

Now that’s a busy dog. The Dunfermline Press has an article about Jess, a collie mix in Wellwood who very much enjoys her job of picking up golf balls. Jess was adopted by her owner Barry Gell in 2005 and he quickly found the animal had a real knack for hunting down balls.

It only took him three days to train her to find golf balls in high grass and bring them home. First Gell got her to retrieve balls that he threw, and then he started throwing more while she was getting the first ones. The dog caught on quick and realized that there were more balls out there than she could see thrown, and started gathering them up and even finding ones her owner had forgotten about. She immediately learned not to go after ones people were still playing. Collies are obsessive dogs who love to please, so when Jess caught the fever her owner soon had more balls than he knew what to do with.

Jess is still in good health for her age, so Gell expects she has many years of ball retrieval ahead of her.