Columnist Celebrates 35 Year Testicular Cancer Anniversary

Columnist Celebrates 35 Year Testicular Cancer Anniversary

One of the most important parts of our job is spreading the word that testicular cancer isn’t the end of the world. Survivors have gone through treatment and went on to live long and successful lives. Washington Post columnist Steven Petrow is one such example, and he used the 35th anniversary of his diagnosis to revisit how he felt, spotlight other survivors and bring more attention to the disease in a new piece for the paper.

Petrow was only 26 when he was diagnosed, and he was consumed with panic and fear. Thankfully, his treatment was successful and he’s been cancer free ever since. He made a post on Facebook to celecrate the fact.

“It’s now been 35 years since I was first diagnosed with cancer. . . . Honestly, I never thought I’d be so lucky to be here now. I am thankful to my doctors, therapists and other health professionals. To my dear friends – on and off Facebook. And to my family. When I was first diagnosed, my friend Cynthia gave me this ‘Fairy God Bunny’ – whom I took with me to every appointment, chemo treatment, and hospital stay. People thought I was a bit weird – and maybe they were right. But he – or is it she? – proved to be a talisman for all these years and is never far from me. And like me now, a bit worn and frayed – but still here. I know I’m lucky in so many ways – and that too many of my friends were unlucky. I am remembering you, too. Love, Steven”

That’s awful sweet.

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